Adventure Cabo: Surfing

adventure cabo

Adventure Cabo: Surfing

Surfing and Adventure Cabo

A surfer in Cabo is like a kid at Disneyland. With so many great surfing sites, you almost don’t know where to begin. Adventure Cabo San Lucas by surfing one of the beautiful beaches in one of the most stunning travel destinations. Here we give you some top surfing sites in Cabo as well as some history of the sport.


Cabo first became a top destination for surfers in the 1950s. In the 80s and 90s, Cabo San Lucas was becoming a top travel destination, too. Hotels and restaurants began popping up along the Baja Corridor. 1991 saw the first major surfing competition in Cabo. Kelly Slater won the Fletcher Los Cabos Classic. Since then, the surfing crowd has not slowed down. Then, in 1998, The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) began holding its annual conference here.

Surfing Sites

February is part of the peak tourist season in Cabo. Prices are higher, and crowds increase. If you’re looking to feel part of the surfing community, this is a great time to adventure Cabo. Below are some of the best sites for surfing.


Near San Jose Del Cabo, Zippers is a very popular surf spot. It is home to lots of competitions, making it a more crowded space.


This is a location for the seasoned surfer. Monuments offers decent sized breaks even when the rest of the ocean is flat.


Shipwrecks lies a little off the beaten path. It’s harder to find, but the amazing scenery on the drive is worth it. ATVs are the best way to reach this area. Check out G-Force’s options for ATV tours.


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