Cabo UTV Tours in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Your adventure begins the moment we pick you up from your hotel or cruise ship. We will then take you to G-Force Adventures Park where you can visit our rare White Lions and pick your top of the line UTV (Commander). After arriving at the park, you will be geared up with a helmet, goggles and all the instructions you need to begin your great Cabo UTV Tours in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Your expert guide will escort you deep into the desert, taking you through the narrow riverbeds leading you up to beautiful Margaritas Beach that’s exclusive to only G-Force Adventures. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

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Cabo ATV Tours
G-Force Adventures’ Cabo ATV Tours in Cabo San Lucas, takes you on the desert tour of a life time. Come FEEL THE RUSH with our Cabo ATV tours today!
Cabo White Lion Encounter
G-Force Adventures’ Cabo White Lion Encounter is THE ONLY White Lion Reserve exhibit in Cabo San Lucas! Come see one of the rarest animals on this planet!
Cabo UTV Tours
G-Force Adventures’ Cabo UTV Tours in Cabo San Lucas, takes you and your love ones to the arid desert and to the beautiful white sand beach and ocean beyond.
Cabo Horseback Tours
G-Force Adventures’ Cabo Horseback Tours in Cabo San Lucas, takes you to enjoy breathtaking scenery as you traverse through the beautiful white beaches.

Cabo UTV Migrino Beach & Desert Tour

Enjoy our guided Cabo UTV Tours on the very best UTV (Commander) developed by man. Come journey over the mountains and through the Baja desert to the stunning Migrino Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where you can spot migrating gray whales from January through March.


Relish in the breath taking beauty of nature driving through the canyons, mountains, desert, a huge dry stream and a beautiful beach with sand dunes and spectacular ocean side cliffs on our guided Cabo UTV Tours.

Migrino Beach & Desert UTV's/ATV's Tour

Cabo UTV Candelaria Beach & Desert Tour

Candelaria Beach & Desert UTV's/ATV's Tours

Our Cabo UTV Tours are a electrifying ride that takes you back in time to La Cadelaria, a 200-year-old Indian village. Enjoy our guided Cabo UTV Tours on the very best built UTVs (Commander) made by man.


Our Cabo UTV Tours are very exhilarating in which you will learn about the nature, local culture, and history of Cabo San Lucas. The beach ride is remarkable and the trails to the village offer striking views of the desert wildlife and the sierra foothills.

Cabo UTV Baja Discovery Tour

Great for adventure enthusiasts looking for a challenge!


You will be utterly blown away by the entire experience, a blast from start to finish! Great trails used in the famous Baja-1000 race. You will see stunning beaches, sand dunes, amazing rock formations, real desert, old villages, magnificent views and lot more for fun Cabo UTV Tours.


This tour is a electrifying 5 hours long so buckle up for an adventure of a lifetime.

Baja Discovery ATV/UTV Tours