There are less than 300 hundred White Lions in existence today. In fact, you can only see these rare and beautiful White Lions in one of ten zoos or parks open to the public in the entire world.

Cabo White Lions in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

G-Force Adventures is proud to announce to have the only White Lion Reserve exhibit in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Come take pictures with our rare unique Cabo White Lions, which are more elusive than the African leopard, rarer than the legendary snow leopard of the Himalayas, and as white as the polar bear of Alaska.


It is our goal to preserve these incredible animals for future generations, have them open for viewing by the public, and eventually successfully breeding these rare animals. As part of our efforts to include and educate our visitors about our Cabo White Lions, we have incorporated a very rare opportunity where our visitors can experience feeding our Cabo White Lions under the watchful eye of our full time biologist and veterinarian in a very safe environment in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We can assure you that your experience at G-Force Adventures will be the experience of a lifetime.


Did you know that Timbavati, South Africa is the only place in the world where White Lions have materialized in the wild? Rumors of the existence of a pure White Lion have existed in Africa orally for centuries. It wasn’t until 1975 when scientists were able to finally officially document their existence. It still isn’t clear exactly when the White Lions re-emerged on our planet, but by all accounts, it happened only recently – where from still remains a mystery today. The legend goes that the White Lions are actually star beings who cam to our planet for a specific spiritual purpose.


African elders believe that White Lions’ arrived on our earth as the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy identifying these magnificent creatures as angelic messengers from God. In spiritual terms, their white coloring represents purity and enlightenment, beyond all racial connotations. White is considered sunlight that contains all the colors of the spectrum in one; white is beyond color, gender, race, and creed.


African leaders even believe that White Lions are the most sacred animals on this planet and are here to deliver a sacred message for humanity. The typical lion is viewed, as the true guardian of the land, while the White Lion, in particular, is believed to be the King of Kings, an angelic guardian presiding over this sacred site and playing a vitally important role in the sensitive ecology of the region and the whole world.

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White Lion Reserve Exhibit In Cabo San Lucas
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