Spring Adventures in Cabo

adventures in cabo

Spring Adventures in Cabo

Best Adventures in Cabo for Spring Break

Can you believe that spring break is in almost a month? As you’re planning your weeklong vacation with your family, think about traveling to Mexico! Adventures in Cabo San Lucas are everywhere, and your kids are bound to have a great time. With your young ones all wanting to do different things, take a look at our suggestions for adventures in Cabo that will satisfy everyone.

1. Whale Watching

Most children are constantly in awe of huge whales. March is a great time for whale watching because the season wraps up in April. This 12,000 mile migration brings about five different types of whale species such as humpback and grey whales. In April, the whales return to their feeding grounds in northern waters after spending the winter in warm water.

2. Dolphin Tour

Like with whales, your kids will love a dolphin tour. These gentle and well-trained animals can provide your kids with hours of entertainment even for your shyest child. Most likely, you will get the chance to swim, feed, and maybe even ride a dolphin. Most companies will also take pictures of your child interacting with the dolphin, so you can cherish those for a lifetime.

 3. Zip Lining

If your children are afraid of animals or simply want to do something else, it’s a good idea to have another activity on the agenda. Zip lining is popular among kids because it gets their blood pumping. The flights can travel over three miles and reach speeds of up to thirty-five miles per hour. Tour companies are also very aware of safety precautions for kids, too. Learn more about their safety measures here


Relish the fact that spring break is only a month away, and start dreaming of adventures in Cabo. For more tour ideas, take a look at our 5 favorite Cabo tours.