Fantastic Weather All Year Round

Los Cabos (The Cape) is a large, coastal area of Mexico, in the state of Baja California Sur. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of California on the eastern side, Los Cabos is located on the Tropic of Cancer, explaining why it’s wonderfully warm all year round. Low rainfall and proximity to the sea results in an appealing climate and ensures the area is a popular tourist destination. Visitors frequently return repeatedly to discover more about the Los Cabos area and enjoy the superb climate.


Three Main Areas

Party lovers and tourists who like plenty of sun and sea tend to congregate around Cabo San Lucas. Those who prefer a more tranquil setting for their vacation and an opportunity to find out more about the Los Cobos area, including its wildlife, frequently prefer to stay in or around San Jose del Cabo. Connecting the two towns is a large highway, known as the Corridor.


From Missionary Towns to International Vacation Destination

Discovered by the Spanish during the 16th Century, historically Los Cabos was a significant location for trade with several European countries. Unfortunately the proximity of so many vessels laden with expensive goods also meant that the area was well-known for pirates! Spanish Jesuits established several of the present day towns and villages, explaining why some of the older buildings have a distinctly European influence. Its popularity as a vacation spot really began in the 1950’s, when affluent Californians found out more about the Los Cabos area and flocked there to enjoy the combination of idyllic weather and unspoiled scenery which are still hallmarks of the area.


Plenty to Do, See and Enjoy

Contemporary Los Cabos offers an exciting blend of activities and experiences which appeals to a wide range of visitors. If you’re keen to explore this exciting area in more depth, we offer a superb selection of customized tours which give visitors a chance to discover more about the Los Cabos area and what it has to offer. Call us now at +52-624-143-2199 to book your adventure or to learn more about this dream vacation destination.



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