Cabo Adventure Tours: Eco-Tour

cabo adventure tours

Cabo Adventure Tours: Eco-Tour

Eco-Tours as one of the top Cabo adventure tours

Cabo is one of the world’s most popular destinations for adventure. The Los Angeles Times recently placed Cabo in the top 15 travel destinations for 2015 in an article here. Because Cabo is a top travel destination, its government makes preserving the environment a top priority. Cabo’s unique landscapes and natural ecosystem make it a draw for tourists around the world. Many tour companies also make conservation a top priority by educating visitors and cleaning up beaches. An eco-tour is a popular, fun way to observe Cabo’s wildlife. Here are some common questions about eco-tours as one of the top Cabo adventure tours.

What does an eco-tour include?

One of the best things about an eco-tour is the endless possibilities of things to do. Depending on the tour, visitors could hike, mountain bike, or explore the desert. Other possibilities include kayaking, snorkeling, and whale watching. In other words, an eco-tour can incorporate whatever activities you desire. 

Is an eco-tour physically strenuous?

No! Not if you don’t want it to be. However, for those desiring more physical activity, you can definitely get that with an eco-tour. Mountain biking or hiking provides a great workout. At the same time, some eco-tours are simply a cruise around the peninsula with tour guides pointing out wildlife.

Will children enjoy an eco-tour?

The combination of animals and a lot of activity typically satisfy young kids. An eco-tour can be perfect for a whole family as well as an adult couple. Parents can also rest assured their children are getting some education on ecosystems, wildlife, and conservation. 


Additionally, lots of tour companies will give you a chance to donate to their conservation efforts at the end of the tour. For more ideas on how to spend the day outdoors, check out our past blog post of Cabo adventure tours. 


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