Cabo San Lucas Adventure: Boat Day


Cabo San Lucas Adventure: Boat Day

Why a boat day is your perfect Cabo San Lucas adventure

The weather is fairly perfect all year in Cabo, so why stay indoors on your vacation? A top Cabo San Lucas adventure is a day spent out on the water. A boat day is an easy way to tour the island, work in some physical activity, and spend quality time with your family. Below are some possible actives available on your sea tour.

1. Kayaking 

Kayaking is an ultimate Cabo San Lucas adventure because it requires physical activity. It can be tougher than it looks especially if the water is choppy. However, with the proper technique, you will be gliding over the water in no time. 

2. Paddle Boarding

Like kayaking, paddle boarding is an excellent workout. It’s a full body challenge. Your core and leg muscles work to maintain balance. Your arms push the paddle through the water. For the entire time, your whole body is engaged to stay balanced. Want to prep yourself for this excursion? Try these strength training moves at home to get your body ready. 

3. Snorkeling

Unlike scuba diving, there is no experience needed to snorkel. This is a perfect activity for families with young children. Schools of fish, coral reef, and warm water provide an under the sea heaven for the ocean explorer. 

All of these possible activities create fun, shared memories with your family. Another great way to make the most of your boat day is to spend your journey asking your kids silly questions. Laughing with them is a great start to the day and might alleviate any worries they have about activities. Want more ideas for what to do with kids? Check out our blog post here. A Cabo San Lucas adventure vacation is simply not complete without a day on the water. 


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