Cabo San Lucas Cruise

cabo san lucas cruise

Cabo San Lucas Cruise

Planning Your Cabo San Lucas Cruise

Have you ever wanted to go on a Cabo San Lucas cruise? Most major cruise lines offer cruises to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Cabo is a top cruise port for many reasons including the fact that on-shore Cabo has so much to offer. Below we explain why it’s a great idea to book a Cabo San Lucas cruise.

1. Unlimited Food

When you pay for a cruise, unlimited food is usually included. This means no extra costs or expenses once you’ve booked your vacation. Feeding a family of four while on vacation can get expensive very quickly, so having this already paid for saves you stress and money.

2. Daytime Activities

Spending a day on a boat may seem boring, but there are unlimited on-board activities. From hanging out by the pool to arcades and movie theaters, there are tons of things to do. Most cruise lines have a kid-friendly area as well with pool slides, board games, and other fun activities.

3. Nighttime Activities

Once you put your kids to bed, you might want to explore the ship yourself. Some cruise lines offer adult-only comedy shows, which will have you laughing all night long. Also, lots of ships open up more bars and restaurants during the later hours for adults.

4. On-Shore Excursions

Most importantly, Cabo is perfect destination for on-shore excursions. After being on the ship for two days, you’re definitely going to want to disembark, and try your land legs again. Most cruise ships will anchor for one day in Cabo, so you want to make the most of it.

Transportation is something to consider when booking excursions. Since you won’t have a car, you need to ensure your tour company will come get you from the port. G-Force Adventures will come to the port, and bring you back to the adventure park.

From zip lining to ATV tours to mountain biking, whatever you want to do on-shore, Cabo probably has it. Not to mention simply walking around Cabo is breathtaking, but the adventure are limitless. Take a look at some amazing adventure tours in Cabo.


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