Cabo Snorkeling

cabo snorkeling

Cabo Snorkeling

All About Cabo Snorkeling

So you’re planning your vacation, and you decide Cabo snorkeling is a must-do activity for you and your family. Here is a detailed run down of what to expect from your Cabo snorkeling tour.

What to Expect

Cabo snorkeling is an excellent and fun way to get the family outdoors and moving around. You don’t even realize it, but snorkeling can actually burn so many calories! It’s a great way to burn off the extra eating you’re doing on vacation.

You can expect that your tour company will take you out on their boat. Most tour companies will also provide the snorkeling gear, so you don’t need to worry about having your own. Most likely, the tour will visit several beautiful snorkeling spots. An expert guide might even ask the group which ones they prefer to visit. 


If you’re snorkeling in May, you most likely won’t get rained out. May is actually one of Cabo’s driest months. Check out more weather info here. You can also expect plenty of sunshine and warm weather beginning in the summer. 

Tour Companies

There are tons of tour companies in Cabo that offer Cabo snorkeling. Make sure you search around for the best price. Prices can be competitive for the customer simply because there are so many companies that offer this excursion. Also, check out what additional activities are available for your snorkeling tour. Some companies offer meals on-board or will bundle activities for a better deal. 


Bring sunscreen! The Cabo sunshine is no joke, and you don’t want to start your vacation off as red as a lobster. Also, bring water. Even though you’re in the ocean, you need to stay hydrated. Bring a change of dry clothes for when you’re done snorkeling. It’ll be better than staying in your wet swimsuit all day. Most of all, have fun!

If you’re looking for great places to stay, check out our suggestions of Cabo’s finest luxury resorts here.


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