Cabos San Lucas Tours: Sea Turtles

Cabos San Lucas Tours: Sea Turtles

One of the most interesting and surprising Cabos San Lucas tours is the turtle release. This specialized Cabo San Lucas tours provides an in-depth nature and wildlife experience that is unique to Baja California. It is offered a limited time of the year from August to January. Here are a few highlights of the typical turtle release tour.

1. Adopting a turtle

Probably the best part of this Cabos San Lucas tours is that you adopt an adorable baby turtle. Most tour groups meet a certified guide at the turtle nursery and are allowed to adopt a single turtle. Guests also get a certificate and can name their turtle. This aspect is great for young children as adopting and naming a baby turtle will be the highlight of their day.

2. Releasing into the wild

The climax of this tour is releasing the adopted turtle into the sea. The release typically happens at sunset, and guests can watch the baby turtles scurry into the water. During the peak season, releases are done daily. Most baby turtles do not survive the trek from their nest to the ocean, so this ensures that a larger number of sea turtles make it safely to the water. 

3. Assisting with conservation efforts

These turtle release tours assist with conservation efforts in Mexico. Guests are also taught to appreciate the natural beauty of baby turtle while learning about their behavior, feeding patterns, and life span. Expert guides also explain the importance of respecting sea turtle’s natural habitats and why it’s important to not disturb them. This is a great opportunity for visitors to support Mexico’s efforts to protect wildlife ecosystems. 


A sea turtle release Cabos San Lucas tours allow guests to be involved in wildlife protection while enjoying a fun afternoon on the beach. Learn more about conservation efforts for sea turtles here. For more ideas on interacting with the nature of Cabo, read our past blog post here.


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