Delicious Cabo Food

cabo food

Delicious Cabo Food

With international tourism being so popular, Los Cabos has tons of tasty cuisine to offer visitors. In addition to traditional Mexican dishes, there are so many tasty international restaurants as well. With all these choices, you’ll never get sick of Cabo food. Heavily influenced by the geography of Cabo, Cabo San Lucas has adapted to create its own unique style of dining. 

Here is Cabo food that is always easily found in the city.

1. Seafood

With Cabo surrounded by water, it’s no surprise their fish and seafood are freshly caught and prepared. As one of the fishing capitals of the world, there’s always seafood to be brought in. Seafood is cooked in a variety of dishes such as pasta, tacos, or simply served by itself.

2. Delicious desserts

Cabo is known for having tasty after dinner treats. Expert chefs in all the restaurants create savory and sweet dessert options to round out your meal. Especially for kids, dessert in Cabo is always a popular go-to option.

3. Authentic Mexican cuisine 

From tacos to hearty soups to spicy dishes, there’s no shortage of authentic Mexican dining. If you’re looking to really experience Mexican food, Cabo is one of the best places to eat. You might think that all the tourism authentic would make authentic Cabo food hard to find. However, it’s easily one of the region’s most popular types of food as people travel from all over to taste these dishes.

4. Refreshing drinks

Cabo can be a party destination if that’s what you’re looking for. Most restaurants in Cabo offer absolutely delicious alcoholic drinks. Even if you’re not interested in alcoholic beverages, the non-alcoholic versions are equally satisfying. From mojitos to wine to margaritas, Cabo San Lucas has some seriously refreshing drinks.

For more information on Cabo food, take a look at this restaurant guide. If you’re looking for fun Cabo activities, check out our past blog post.


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