Delicious Food in Los Cabos

los cabos

Delicious Food in Los Cabos

Los Cabos offers delicious food

Los Cabos offers a variety of tasty cuisine and some spectacular Mexican specialties. In its early years, Cabo inhabitants lived off fishing and crops. The arrival of Spanish conquistadors brought new foods and ingredients into Cabo. This is one of the reasons that Cabo has such a variety of dishes. The Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean heavily influence Cabo dishes. Lots of Los Cabos food is seafood based.

Here’s some food you must try in Los Cabos.

 1. Fresh Fish

Being surrounded by water makes Cabo a great place for fresh fish. Cabo is also called one of the fishing capitals of the world, so you know you will pay a good price for excellent quality. Two very popular fish dishes found in restaurants are red snapper or smoked marlin. If you are traveling with picky eaters, your kids might like fish tacos. These tacos are familiar to kids, so they may be more likely to eat them. Fish or shrimp tacos are usually topped with cabbage, guacamole, and cream.

Cabo is also known for delicious shellfish. Indulge in fresh crab or lobster.

2. Almejas Chocolatas Tatemadas

This popular dish is compromised of grilled clams cooked on beach stones. These clams are then covered with romerilo, a desert shrub.

 3. Comida de Pobres

This translates to “food of the poor.” This dish is a seafood soup with rice, vegetables, and beans. It is almost always served with warm flour tortillas.

4. Chilorio de Abulon o Calamar

This is a dish made from abalone or squid. It is fried in lard and cokied in a dried-chili sauce.


Tourism has also influenced Los Cabos food. Cabo restaurants have expanded to offer food from all over the world including Italian and Chinese restaurants. San Jose Del Cabo is a great area to explore international cuisine. Take a look at Trip Advisor’s suggestions of the best restaurants in Cabo. For things to do in between eating meals, take a look at our past blog post.


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