Los Cabos Adventure: Camel Tour

Los Cabos Adventure: Camel Tour

When in Mexico, you don’t have to look very far to find Los Cabos adventure! Booking a Los Cabos adventure is one of the best ways to check something off your bucket list. One of the most unique Los Cabos adventure is the outback and camel tour. This tour is unavailable to most cities, and Cabo is a great spot to explore the desert via camelback. The outback and camel tour provides a lot of activities in one package. Here are a few reasons you should look into doing one of these tours.

1. Experience Mexican cuisine and culture.

These tours are more focused on the traditional aspects of Mexico. Lots of tour companies offer authentic food like tortillas and salsa. Savor this Mexican cuisine before or after your tour to get a real Mexican experience. If the food is served after the tour, sometimes alcohol such as tequila is also provided.

2. Forage through breathtaking scenery.

The Cabo desert is teeming with wild life and vegetation. Your camel ride might go through the desert or along the beach, and either way, the landscape will be beautiful. Also, your tour guide will educate you on camels, foliage, and desert creatures as you journey through the tour. 

 3. Camels are fun creatures.

Who doesn’t want to ride a camel? Riding a camel is a unique experience that requires the right climate for camels. Camels love hot temperatures, but they can actually do well in a wide variety of temperatures. They are social animals that stay in a herd, and they can survive up to 6 months without water. Need some fun facts about camels? Read more here

All of these things combined create the perfect day in the Cabo sun. Beautiful views, majestic animals, and authentic Mexican culture attract tons of tourists to the Cabo desert each year. Check out more ideas for outdoor Los Cabos adventure here


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