Los Cabos Tours: Sea Tour

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Los Cabos Tours: Sea Tour

One of Cabo’s most beautiful features is the amazing ocean surrounding the peninsula. No trip to Cabo is complete without experiencing one of the Los Cabos tours, especially one that includes the water. Sea tours are amazing Los Cabo tours, and a sea tour can include a wide range of activities: eating, drinking, kayaking, and jet skiing just to name a few! Two of the coolest experiences to take advantage of in the water are snorkeling and scuba diving. The waters around Cabo aren’t called “the world’s aquarium” for nothing.

These waters are teeming with marine life. Imagine slipping on your mask, looking into the cool water, and seeing marine life everywhere. According to Dive Cabo, there are over 250 species of fish and invertebrates. Cabo is blessed with larger marine mammals such as sea lions, multiple types of sea turtles, whales, and dolphins. There are several species of rays such as butterfly rays, guitar rays, and the huge manta ray. On the more adventurous side, the waters are home to sharks! Tropical fish are definitely the most popular animal in the water, and while snorkeling or diving, you have the chance to swim alongside many different species. You might see angelfish, snapper, grouper, and marlins up close!

 A sea tour is one of the must-do Los Cabos tours if you love the ocean and marine life. The tour can take up to half a day, so make sure you carve some time out of your schedule. Diving conditions in Cabo are very fair all year around, and most dive sites are suitable for a variety of skill levels. Visitors of all ages are able to snorkel. Also, if Los Cabos tours in water are not for you, there are plenty of other land activities to suit your needs like an ATV tour


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