Must-Do Tours in Cabo for 2015

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Must-Do Tours in Cabo for 2015

2014 was a rollercoaster for tours in Cabo. The year started off strong, and then Hurricane Odie hit Cabo was hit September. Airports were down; tour companies were rebuilding, and Cabo as a whole was adjusting to life after the hurricane damage. However, with the strength and determination that the Baja Peninsula is known for, everyone rebuilt and recuperated. Coming into 2015, Cabo is back and better than ever. Learn more information about Los Cabos’ rebound here. Below are three tours that we believe will make a splash in the new year. 

1. The outdoor adventure tour

As people continue to be more conscious of their physique and health, the outdoor adventure tour will be big. This tour can provide guests with tons of physical activity while enjoying the outdoors. Hiking, running, and everything else in this tour offers a great workout. This is ideal for people looking to burn calories and remain active while still enjoying their vacation. 

2. Team-building tours

Teamwork is one of the most sought after skills in today’s job market. Team-building tours will become more popular in 2015 as organizations seek to improve their company through a stronger work environment. Lots of cities are offering this new kind of tour, and Cabo is likely to jump on this trend. Los Cabos is a beautiful destination for both professional and personal vacations. 

3. The classic ATV tour

While new tours in Cabo are thrilling, there is something about a traditional ATV tour. Cabo ATV tours continue to be one of the most popular tours in Cabo, and it looks like that will continue into this new year. G-Force has one of the highest rated tours in Cabo. What makes us different is that we have true two-seater vehicles and paramedics ons-ite. Also, we take pride in all our guests having the time of their lives. Head on over to book your next adventure.

Beyond tours in Cabo, there are tons of other activities to do. Take a look at our recommendations here


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