How to Plan a Cabo Tour

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How to Plan a Cabo Tour

When asked about their favorite memory, most people talk about a vacation. One of the easiest ways to make memories on a vacation is through a Cabo tour. A Cabo tour is a fantastic way to either kick off or wrap up your travel time. Here is how to incorporate Cabo tours into the beginning and end of your trip.

Planning Timeline of a Cabo Tour

Beginning of Trip:

A tour in Cabo usually takes at least half a day and sometimes a full day. If your plane arrives in Mexico in the late afternoon, it is best to not schedule a tour for that day. Plan on checking into your hotel, unpacking, and resting that first night. Relaxing after flying several hours is a great way to tackle the next few days.

The morning after you arrive is a great time to schedule a Cabo tour. However, be mindful that some tours begin around sunrise, which means waking up early. A sunrise cruise around the peninsula or a surfing tour will typically start early in the day. If you want to sleep in, check out tours that start around noon. Snorkeling, kayaking, and any other outdoor activities are a perfect way to be outside during the prettiest part of the day.

End of Trip:

If your time in Mexico is coming to an end, but you want to squeeze in one last Cabo tour, try booking a shorter excursion. Horseback riding and zip lining are two tours that last only a few hours. If you only have an hour or two, you can always lay out on the beach, and enjoy the warm weather and cool air.  G-Force offers horseback riding, and here is a link to zip lining.


At the beginning or end of your trip, tours will be the highlight of your vacation. Here are some other great tour ideas for the month of January.


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