San Jose del Cabo Activities

San Jose del Cabo Activities

Across the peninsula from Cabo San Lucas lies San Jose del Cabo. Sometimes, San Jose Del Cabo is affectionately called Cabo’s more elegant sister. Founded in the 1700s, San Jose del Cabo activities vary greatly. From great shopping to historic museums, there’s an activity for every interest and budget. Here are the top 3 San Jose del Cabo activities.

 Mission of San Jose del Cabo

This historic church dates back to the 1700s and is definitely worth seeing. It is still a working place of worship, so you could even stop by for a service. The art inside is incredible, and it’s a great place to learn some local history. Also, picturesque restaurants and shops surround the church, so plan on spending an hour or two walking around the area.

San Jose Estuary

The San Jose Estuary is one of the most fun San Jose del Cabo activities. Lying at the southern end of the Baja peninsula, the Estuary is a marshy lagoon covering about 2,000 acres. This Estuary also has an interesting history. It is the largest source of fresh water for southern Baja, and in the past, it provided drinking water and irrigation for San Jose del Cabo. Today, Mexican law protects this Estuary as a wildlife and animal preserve.

Art District

The Art District lies behind San Jose del Cabo’s historic square. This area has recently flourished with high-end art galleries filled with paintings, sculptures, and beautiful photographs. One of the most unique things about this Art District is that right next to high-end masterpieces are local creations that are just as exquisite. Take a stroll at night through the district, and take advantage of the delicious restaurants along the walk as well.

To learn more about what San Jose del Cabo activities have to offer, click here. If you plan on visiting both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, check out our tips on activities in Cabo San Lucas as well.


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