Top 3 Tours in Cabo San Lucas

Top 3 Tours in Cabo San Lucas

 If hiking through the desert or zip lining across a canyon sound fun to you, look no further than tours in Cabo San Lucas! Cabo is a one-stop destinations for amazing adventures. From the typical tours such as snorkeling to unique activities like whale watching, guests should take advantage of all Cabo has to offer. However, sometimes the amount of tours offered can get overwhelming. To streamline your planning and make your vacation relaxing, we chose three of our favorite tours in Cabo San Lucas.

Whale Watching

December is a perfect time of the year for whale watching tours. Several species of whales such as humpback and grey whales migrate 12,000 miles from the cold Bering Sea. Whale watching tours will take a small group of guests out on the water to view whales. Because the humpbacks are here to mate and play, it is likely you will see a variety of activity on the water’s surface.  As an added bonus, more whale watching tours in Cabo San Lucas will give you an opportunity to view dolphins and other marine life. Also, guests will pass by the beach and marine parks for some extra amazing views.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is easily one of the most popular tours in Cabo San Lucas. The marine life under the sea is unparalleled and offers a variety of fish.  There are diving tours for multiple skill levels, and tour guides are understanding of nerves. The underwater ocean is beautiful, and some tours specialize in the marine life guests get to see. From seal tours to sea turtle tours, there is never a boring moment while diving.

Sky Tours

The only thing better than touring the land of Cabo San Lucas is seeing it from above. If you get the chance, do a helicopter tour around the peninsula. The views are spectacular, and it’s an experience you can’t miss!Need more info before you soar into the air? Click here.

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