Tour Cabo San Lucas: Fitness Goals

tour cabo san lucas

Tour Cabo San Lucas: Fitness Goals

Tour Cabo San Lucas, and Reboot Your 2015 Fitness Goals!

As February rolls around, you might be slacking a little on your New Years resolutions. Maybe you’re only going to the gym two times a week, or maybe you didn’t completely switch to that clean eating plan like you wanted. If you’re thinking that going on vacation won’t help reach your fitness goals, think again. Cabo is one of the most active places to vacation with tons of activities designed to challenge your body. Tour Cabo San Lucas outdoor adventures, and recharge your 2015 fitness goals.

1. Hiking

Being outdoors naturally makes you happier, and hiking is an inexpensive way to get outside. Guests get to see the natural beauty of Cabo while working up a sweat. Hiking offers a great workout especially when encountering hills. With hiking, you work your legs, glutes, and lower back. Also, walking several miles through a hot desert is a fun and unique  form of cardio. 

2. Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a tough, full body workout. All the balancing and paddling required guarantees that you’ll be sore the next day. However, your arms, legs, back, and a core will all be getting strengthened. Chances are it won’t even feel like working out! Learn more about booking your paddle boarding tour here

3. Scuba Diving

Swimming in general is an excellent workout. Did you know that swimming can burn over 500 calories in one hour? Scuba diving is no exception to this. It combines great lower body exercises with cardio.

As you can see, going on vacation doesn’t have to mean taking a break from working out. If fitness is important to you, tour Cabo San Lucas to burn calories and create some amazing memories.

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