Tours in Los Cabos: Diving

tours in los cabos

Tours in Los Cabos: Diving

Reasons to Book Diving Tours in Los Cabos

Cabo has some of the best diving conditions year-round. Diving tours in Los Cabos give you insider information on the best dive spots. Guests also have the comfort of knowing instructors and tour guides are on board to give assistance when needed. With Cabo, it’s easy for any diver to fit several tours into his or her trip. With the beautiful coral reef, occasional whale sighting, and marine life, Los Cabos continues to be a top spot for divers. 

1. There are plenty of great dive sites.

From diving along the Corridor to Gordo Banks, diving tours in Los Cabos offer a variety of dive sites.  Different sites are also available for different skills levels, so you can choose a level best suited to your friends and family. The Corridor dive sites offer a quieter trip with the chance to encounter rays. Cabo Pulmo, a Mexican National Marine Park, is perfect for divers looking to explore coral reefs. This website gives you even more details on specific dive sites. 

 2. From sea lions to fish to rays, the water is brimming with life. 

 The water surrounding Cabo is home to sea creatures for the marine life professional and the enthusiastic nature lover. Divers can float alongside majestic sea turtles, swim through schools of fish, and glide over rays. Also, from December to April, Cabo experiences six species of whales migrating down the Pacific Coast. Diving tours in Los Cabos offer such a unique experience for a very reasonable price.  

3. Divers can take a close look at the coral reef.   

Currently, coral reef all over the world is under threat from pollution. Coral reefs face alarming dying-off rates, but Cabo Pulmo is home to an extremely healthy reef. Diving in Cabo Pulmo allows guests to respectfully observe the coral reef while supporting Mexico’s environmental efforts. 

Diving in Cabo is an amazing experience for guests of all ages and interest. If you’re visiting with kids, check out our top tours in Los Cabos for kids.


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