Unique Activities in Cabo

Unique Activities in Cabo

Sometimes, it is easy to get trapped into visiting only the most popular tourist sites. However, you can get so much more value from unique activities in Cabo. Here are the top 3 unique activities in Cabo. These activities in Cabo allow you to see more of the culture of Mexico with more traditional music, architecture, and attractions.

Casa de la Cultura

Casa de la Cultura, or House of Culture, is one of the hottest places for live music. The building is built into a city overlooking the city, which provides a more peaceful atmosphere than the hustle of the town below. The area also contains a theater, a park, and a lookout point for amazing panoramic views of the city. Casa de la Cultura costs only a small fee and also has a cool history. The building originally provided protection for American citizens during the Mexican-American Revolution in the 1840s. Since then, the building has turned into a popular place for local concerts and performances.

Iglesia de San Lucas

Iglesia de San Lucas, or the Church of San Lucas, is the main church in Cabo San Lucas. The beautiful church remains relatively unchanged since its construction in 1730. Built by a Spanish missionary, the church provides a great example of local architecture. A town square is nearby, which provides the area with picturesque shops and restaurants.

Playa del Amor

Playa del Amor, which means “Lover’s Beach,” is a great, free destination. While the name speaks directly to couples, the beach is great for everyone. Due to its natural setting, there are no bathrooms or showers, but it is a fun way to get more in touch with nature. Ironically, Lover’s Beach is about a five-minute walk from Divorce Beach.

Luckily, if none of these activities in Cabo fit your style, we have more suggestions for what to do if you’re traveling with kids. Also, take a look at our top 5 suggestions for must-do activities in Cabo. For more tips on planning your trip to Cabo, check out this helpful website


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